Canoeing on the Dordogne and Lot

There are many opportunities for canoeing in the Dordogne region. The Dordogne river, the Lot, and all kinds of tributaries flow through this region. The water flows towards the west coast of France. You can see the canoes all going west. Many take to the water for a day during their vacation. It is nice, cozy but you can also see the landscape from the water. Don't forget to bring the sunscreen or put on a shirt as a precaution.

Landscape of your holiday region

The water flows gently and carries the canoe over the water. You don't have to paddle hard. In this way it is possible for almost everyone to enjoy the water of the Dordogne or the Lot. Of course, small children must go in the canoe with an adult.

The landscape is very varied. In the past, everything was transported by water, so that the most beautiful buildings are located right on the water. After every bend, a completely different landscape appears with castles and fortresses. You sail along high rocks and extensive vineyards. Sometimes the river is a bit narrower so that there is rapids. That makes canoeing extra varied.

Rest time in tourist villages

During your trip you will pass the most beautiful villages. If you are sailing on the Dordogne, you can board in Souillac, but also further downstream in Vitrac or Domme. You will then pass the famous castles of Château Castelnaud and Château Beynac. A little further on, towards Saint Cyprien, is Château de Milandes. If you have chosen the river Lot, you will pass other villages again.

Most villages offer the opportunity to pause and get out of the canoe. The many terraces with colorful umbrellas invite you to have a drink. Visit the village, walk through the shopping streets, but do not forget the time because you may have to sail a bit before you are at your final destination.


There are several options for planning the route. You can first get dropped off upstream with a van from the canoe rental company and then go in the canoe. It can also be the other way around: you get into the canoe, paddle downstream to the end point and then you are brought back to your boarding point.

Some love to go canoeing all by themselves and enjoy the scenery in peace and quiet. Most go together or in a group. There are even options to plan trips of a few days. You can then rent tents and mattresses or they are already ready for you somewhere.

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