Water sports in the Dordogne Lot

The rivers the Dordogne and the Lot flow through the region towards the Atlantic Ocean. These rivers provide plenty of entertainment, you can swim, canoe, and go on a cruise.


There are several places where cruises over the Dordogne and Lot are provided, this is a great way to explore the area. After every bend you’ll be greeted by a landscape with castles, fortresses and pretty villages. The cruises have guides who will tell you all kinds of fun and educational facts about, for example, the origin and history of a castle, a remarkable event that took place in a village and about the nature and the environment you pass.


You can go for a swim in the Dordogne and Lot during hot summer days. There are many beaches along the water where you can sit, lie down and sunbathe. It is fairly safe for children to swim here seen as the edges of the river aren’t very deep, this means parents can relax here. Your children can also make entire structures from the stones they find in and around the river. We suggest checking and going swimming in parts where the current is not strong.


Go canoeing through the beautiful nature of France! This is a super fun activity to do with your partner or family during the holidays. Let yourself be dragged to the west, the Atlantic coast, by the waters current. During your adventure you will pass the most beautiful villages. Along the way you  can take a break and walk into a village or have a picnic by the water. You will pass small cliffs, forests, vineyards and many more places that cannot be reached by car.

Water Park

Another way to have fun in water is by visiting a water park. This is a fun day out for both children and adults. There are slides of all kinds of different heights, bends and descents. These parks often also have water toys for small children which they can play on. You can relax on the sunbathing lawns. Most water parks also have trampolines and other facilities for children.

Swimming pool at the park

You can also of course go for a swim in the park swimming pool. The pool is open from early in the morning until late in the evening. Go for a swim or relax on an inflatable and then lie down on one of the many sun loungers surrounding pool. Children can play in the shallow area. There is a bar by the pool which serves ice-cream, coffee, drinks and snacks.

Recreation lake

The recreational lake of Tamniès is located near Sarlat. There are several beaches where you can relax and sunbathe. There is a playground for children. You can swim in the water or go sailing with an inflatable boat or canoe. For small children there is a life-guarded area where they can swim. There is a large water castle on the lake where children can climb up and jump off from. Snacks and various meals can be enjoyed in the restaurant.


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