Sports activities

How are you going to spend your holiday? Will you be relaxing with a book in a chair on your terrace, balcony or by the pool? Or will you be making trips and visiting touristic villages? Or do you find relaxation in just being active and practicing your favorite sport? All of this is possible in Portes du Soleil.


To keep your muscles trained during the holidays, be sure to make use of the fitness which is waiting for you in FranceComfort - AlpResort Portes du Soleil. Train with a view over the mountains, you cannot do that at home!
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From the holiday park you can make beautiful walks. The area is very diverse, and a lot of it is accessible by chairlift which will take you high into the mountains. You walk through a beautiful area with valleys, mountain lakes, waterfalls, and beautiful views.
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Horse riding

You can go horse riding in the area surrounding La Chapelle d'Abondance. Many places have riding schools where you can either take lessons or rent horses. Go for an adventure through the area alone or with a group. Under the guidance of an experienced guide, you will be shown some of the most beautiful places.


Flying and hovering like a bird, it remains an exciting experience! This is all possible in the mountains, which of the following will you do: the Vol découverte, the Grand Vol or the Vol Thermique?
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Quad biking

With a quad bike ride in places where you normally do not go, through the forests, the vineyards, and the untouched nature. At several places in the area, you can rent a quad bike and explore the area alone or with a group.  


The area has several caves for you to visit. A guide will tell you all about the stalactites and stalagmites and you can sail over subterranean lakes.


There are plenty of places to play tennis in the surroundings. In Châtel there are tennis courts that you can use for free during the low season.

Mountain biking

In Portes du Soleil, mountain biking is one of the most popular sports. Competitions are held, there is a bike park, but you can also explore different routes. The bike can go up with you in the chair lift.
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What course are you going to today? The area has several courses including a few with unique locations and/or courses which are world famous. From the golf course you have a stunning view of Mont Blanc, Lake Geneva, or a beautiful valley.
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Do you like water sports? are you active? Are you up for a challenge and will you try to reach the finish line with your team? Then go rafting on the Dranse River which opens out into Lake Geneva.
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Take a scenic flight by helicopter over the Alpine mountains of the Portes du Soleil. Are you looking for something even more spectacular? Make a parachute jump from the helicopter.

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