Mas d’Azil

The Parc Naturel Régional des Pyrénées Ariégeoises is located to the south of Toulouse. A world famous cave is located in this park: the Mas d'Azil cave. It is hollowed out by the Arize River and is the only cave in Europe you can drive through in a car. A section of this cave has an impressive, natural tunnel with a road running through it of which the entrance is 51 meters high and 48 meters wide!


The drive from your holiday home towards the Mas d’Azil caves is very beautiful. Once you arrive at the Mas d’Azil caves, you have the choice to either view them from the outside or take a tour of the inside.


Le Mas-d’Azil is a small museum with many objects from prehistoric times. The most famous one is known as le faon aux oiseaux (deer with birds). However there is more to see, such as a complete hunting attire with arrowheads, spears, and harpoons. The hunters of the magdalénien culture used this gear for their hunts.

Cave complex

Besides the section of the cave through which the road and river pass, there is also a series of caves in which all sorts of events have happened over the course of history. From prehistoric men who were driven away from here to Cathars and Huguenots who found a safe hideout here. This section of the cave can be visited throughout most of the year and is definitely worth the time.

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