Amusement parks and entertainment parks

In the Dordogne - Lot region there are several amusement parks and animation parks. Ranging from small to reasonably large and with or without pools and water slides. There are options for all ages, ranging from small children to teenagers. Do you want to take it easy or are you looking for a challenge? Check out the possibilities.

Parc Jacquou – Le Bugue

Parc Jacquou has actually 3 parks; a zoo, a waterpark and an amusement park. There are attractions such as merry-go-rounds, a Ferris wheel and roller coasters. In the aquatic park there are swimming pools, wave pools, paddling pools, a pirate island and both big and small water slides. The park has plenty of room for picnics so you can sit quietly while your children are playing. To enter the park you pay a set amount which gives you access to all three parks.

Via Ferrata Marqueyssac – Vezac

There is a Via Ferrata along the rockface on which the gardens of Maquessac are located. This is a set course along a steep rock face with steel cables, pins and iron footrests. Before you start, you will need to attach yourself to the steel cables to ensure you are securely fastened and can’t fall off. The course along the rock face is 200m long and takes about 45 minutes, you can enjoy beautiful views over the valley and the Dordogne river along the way.

Parc du Bournat - Le Bugue

Experience what life was like in the 1900’s ! Villagers walk around in clothes typical of the 1900’s and the village looks like what it would look like during the 1900’s. An old bus drives through the village and the craftsmen are busy working. The fair with merry-go-round, rickshaw and ferris wheel are also as it used to be in 1900. You can also have your picture taken in traditional costume from the 1900’s. Enjoy food from the vegetable garden and freshly-baked bread in the restaurant.

La Forêt des Ecureuils - Saint-Vincent-le-Paluel

France also has lots of tree climbing courses including in the Dordogne – Lot region. The Forêt des Ecureuils near Sarlat is one of the largest. There are courses for every age, there are even courses for those afraid of heights or those seeking an extra challenge. You can climb from tree to tree at great heights whilst attached to a steel cable, or descend with great speed by cable car/way. You can even go upside down or through all sorts of shapes made from ropes. Challenge yourself!

Parc Durandal - Rocamadour

History is revived in Parc Durandal. Visit the shows and teleport back to the time of the knights. Watch knights fight with each other whilst on horse or on the ground, just like they used to. Knights also perform stunts with the horses. One of the parks’ shows is about the magic sword Durandal which belonged to the Knight Roland. He received the sword from Charlemagne but now the sword is stuck in the church of Rocamadour’s wall.

Corn maze – Domme en Vézac

In the Dordogne – Lot region there are two large mazes in corn fields, there is one in Domme and one in Vézac. Will you be able to escape the maze? You can try and escape the maze by foot or in a go-kart! Solve the riddles you encounter along the way to try and find the exit. You will also receive various riddles that you will need to solve as a family. There is a cafe by the exit where you can enjoy drinks, ice cream or snacks. Try and escape the maze together with your family!


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