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Luxurious Holiday Home in Dordogne

Dordogne is one of the most famous and beloved areas in France. Understandably, because thanks to the continental climate, the summers are nice and warm. A little rain from time to time provides some pleasant cooling, but for the most part you can enjoy the nice warm sun during your stay. Dordogne guarantees a pleasant holiday stay. A luxurious holiday home in this region is the ideal way to enjoy your holiday.

Centrally located in Dordogne

Our Domaine de Lanzac holiday park is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Dordogne. Here you can rent a luxurious holiday home where you will experience an unforgettable summer. The ideal place for your holiday! There is plenty to do and experience in the surrounding area. You can visit beautiful cities such as Perigueux or Bergerac. But you can also enjoy the beautiful nature. You can take nice walks and enjoy a picnic along the way. Or go for a full lunch or dinner in a typical French restaurant (by the way, do you know what the difference is between a Terrine and Paté?)

You can also perfectly enjoy yourself' in the holiday park itself. After all, the Domaine de Lanzac in Dordogne not only has luxurious holiday homes. There are also three large pools in the park. All of them are outdoor, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather while swimming. There are football fields, playing fields, tennis courts, billiard tables and opportunities for table tennis for the sporty travellers. There is also children’s entertainment during high season. We highly recommended these luxurious holiday homes for the entire family.

Luxurious Holiday Home

  • Plenty of bedrooms
  • 1 or 2 bathrooms per luxurious holiday home
  • detached bungalows
  • free WiFi
  • dishwasher, washing machine and dryer
  • Outdoor pools

The holiday home itself is very luxurious. For example, there are plenty of bedrooms so everyone has their own room. The beds are already made on arrival. There are 1 or 2 bathrooms per holiday home. You also have WiFi, a dishwasher, dryer and washing machine. You can stay as long as you want! Naturally, there is also WiFi available throughout the park, so you can easily let your friends and family at home know how great your luxurious holiday home in Dordogne is.

Breakfast service

The French are known for their delicious food. A baguette or croissant every morning? You can of course get them in the village nearby, but Domaine de Lanzac also offers you the possibility of breakfast service. In that case, you can pick up delicious French pastries at our reception desk in the morning.

Our park is car-free, so that children can safely play and enjoy the French summer in peace. Are you looking for a luxurious holiday home in Dordogne? Join us at Domaine de Lanzac or one of our other parks in Dordogne. We are aware you want to relax and enjoy your time on holiday. Our luxurious holiday home - centrally located in Dordogne - are ideal for this. We know what you like on your holiday.