Wine routes Bergerac and Cahors

The nearby regions Bergerac and Cahors are known for their wines. To give you an impression, both regions offer wine routes that lead from one participating vineyard to another; a great opportunity to explore the region.

Wine domains

You are very welcome to visit the vineyards to view the business and have a wine tasting. You are not obligated to follow the entire route; partial route selections are also enjoyable. The websites below provide extensive information on the route, the participating “vineyards” and “chateaux”.

Starting point for wine routes

In Bergerac, the “Maison des vins” is the central point and also the starting point of the route. During the summer, a wine farmer is always present in this beautiful building for wine tasting and to answer all your questions. Did you know that the best way to transport wine bottles is upright, and that the best moment of the day to taste wine is right before lunch or dinner? Do you need tips about removing wine stains? You can find all the answers and more on the websites below.

In addition, visit the websites about festivals and other feasts that are linked to the wine or grape harvest.

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