Canoeing during the holidays

There are many opportunities for canoeing in the region. The river Lot or Dordogne, but also the other rivers, are beautiful and definitely worth a visit from this side.

Landscape Lot and Dordogne

The landscape through which the various rivers flow is very varied. After every turn, a completely different landscape appears with castles and castles, rocks, rapids and nice villages where you can stop for a while. Sail wonderfully relaxed, at your own pace, from village to village. Take food with you and stop on the way in a nice spot. Go into a nice village.


There are various types of routes possible. You can just go back and forth. Sometimes an extra service is offered and you can go somewhere where you will be picked up and returned with a car.
It is also possible to sail a special course. Routes are then turned off. Even it is possible to make a trip of several days. You can then rent tents and mattresses.

Pay attention to the level of difficulty so that you do not end up unexpectedly in parts of the river where the water flows too quickly.

Ask the reception for advice on the best pick-up points.

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