Gramat Zoo

Between Rocamadour and Gouffre de Padirac lies the beautiful Gramat Zoo.


The park - which is 40 hectares in size and is open all year - is located in the heart of the Quercy Regional Natural Park. It combines education and culture. Furthermore, there is a fun playground for the children.

Animal species

The park houses more than 150 types of wild animals and domestic animals from various European countries.  There are wolves, bears, lynx, otters, bison, deer and many more.


There is a restaurant, shop, picnic area and playground in the park.


  • This zoo has almost exclusively animals from Europe. So don’t expect elephants, tigers or other exotic animals! However, there are monkeys (from Gibraltar), arctic foxes, wolves and moose. There are many species of sheep, chickens, horses and goats. Also bears, lynx, foxes, otters and ferrets. In total there are about 150 animal species, 1000 animals in total.
  • The zoo is quite large and definitely worth visiting. There are plenty of trees and beautiful paths. The shade of these trees is very nice on a warm day.
  • Highly recommended, you’ll have hours of fun!
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